Dining Out

Gillian Nelis on dining out: Get thee to a Tannery and treat your taste buds

A quarter of a century after it first opened its doors, Paul and Máire Flynn’s acclaimed restaurant in Dungarvan remains one of the shining lights of Ireland’s food scene

The Tannery in Co Waterford: the Dungarvan restaurant is undoubtedly one of the brightest stars of the Irish food scene

In many ways, I’ve got Dungarvan in Waterford to thank for the fact that I write this column, because it was a visit many moons ago to the town’s West Waterford Festival of Food that really fired my interest in the Irish food scene.

Specifically, it was a dinner in the Tannery restaurant where Fergus Henderson, the legendary English nose-to-tail chef, served up some of his best-known dishes to a packed dining room. Between the ...