Dining Out

Gillian Nelis: A lunch to linger over on a Galwegian summer’s day

In the midst of a memorable family holiday, the Sea Hare in Clifden pushes all the buttons for culinary heaven

The Sea Hare, Clifden, Co Galway: It’s the simplest ingredients that often make the tastiest dishes, and that was very much the case with the aubergine parmigiana foccacia. Picture: Andrew Downes, xposure

It’s the holiday that will go down in family history, the one that will be talked about for years to come: the week in Connemara when the sun split the rocks, the ocean was warm enough to swim in every day, and all bar one meal was eaten outdoors.

After years of horrendous weather luck on our annual jaunt west, we hit paydirt this summer, with not so much as a drop of rain falling ...