Future Islands frontman Samuel T Herring on fame, drugs and his favourite Irish venues

Future Islands got their big breakthrough appearing on The David Letterman Show in 2014. Here, the band’s frontman Samuel T Herring talks about dealing with their subsequent fame, relating to George Michael, paying their dues and playing in Collins Barracks this week

Samuel Herring of Future Islands performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Picture: Josh Brasted/FilmMagic

Samuel T Herring looks fit and well for a man who works as hard as he does (“1,400 shows and still going”), fronting the electronic/soul hybrid Future Islands. He is, as he says himself, the poor lamb, “about to hit 40 next year”. He also appears to have mastered the enviable skill of breathing through his ears, as he doesn’t noticeably pause talking to inhale during our interview.

I start with a soft question about what the band have been up to since the release of their last album, 2020’s As Long as You Are, and he’s off.