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Film reviews: Send in the clowns for an apocalyptic last laugh

George Kane’s appealingly odd comedy Apocalypse Clown centres on the attempts of a washed-up trio of circus entertainers to exploit the end of the world

Fionn Foley, David Earl, Amy De Bhrún, Ivan Kaye and Natalie Palamides in George Kane’s Apocalypse Clown, an appealingly odd comedy about the end of the world

Apocalypse Clown, directed by George Kane; nationwide, 15A; 3 out of 5 stars

We have become inured, over the years, to the end of the world in cinema. In the imagined dystopian apocalypses of Emmerich, Spielberg, Boyle, and so on forever, the last days centre on zombies, aliens, nuclear bombs or climate emergencies, where skyscrapers tumble and landmarks are blown to smithereens. In George Kane’s consistently funny and delightfully weird Irish comedy, set on a ...