Eithne Shortall: A chance encounter with an anti-immigrant rally left me furious and heartbroken

It was hard to know what was worse about the protest in Dublin city centre – the look of dread on the non-white faces watching, or the complete ordinariness of the faces shouting incendiary chants

Anti-immigration protest in Dublin city centre: sometimes we need to come face to face with the worst bits of humanity to remind us of just how imperative it is to hold firm to the best bits. Picture: Rollingnews

Last Saturday, myself and a friend cycled into Dublin city centre for lunch. We tried a couple of crowded eateries before remembering the hidden gem that is the Museum of Literature Ireland (Moli) café on Stephen’s Green. It is the perfect spot for a relaxed lunch – should you ever be in the market. For two hours, we sat and discussed everything from fashion to politics to our children. We then nipped into one clothes ...