Edel Coffey: It’s time for female readers to give themselves permission to be happy

The critical reaction to a recent RTÉ documentary about Maeve Binchy shows us that literary snobbery is still alive and well. Let’s consign it to the oblivion it deserves

The late Maeve Binchy’s uplifting fiction was clever and funny, while managing to examine with great intelligence and insight the moral complexity of ordinary life in Ireland. Picture: Crispin Rodwell/Shutterstock

Remember when you were a kid in the schoolyard and playing, let’s say, a game of skipping, having a lovely time, happy and lost in the pure pleasure of the game? And then someone would boot a football into the midst of things, and put an end to the uncomplicated joy?

I was reminded of this feeling a few weeks ago after watching The Magic of the Ordinary, the recent RTÉ documentary about Maeve Binchy’s ...