Eau, to travel: the latest men’s fragrances

While the need for travel-sized colognes may be on hold, these new scents are providing escape in a bottle, with a mix of exotic notes and Mediterranean juices

Fragrances provide us with a means of travelling the world when there are no plane tickets, wearing aromas that evoke holidays in more exotic climes, reviving potent memories of better, more carefree days: Photo: Francesco Gili

In a time when shoes were replaced with slippers and three-piece suits with loungewear, the very notion of spritzing your scent to head to the glamour of your kitchen table/home office may have felt, at times, a little excessive. Yet, early on, it became apparent that good smells could be a lockdown saviour. Many have used scents as a form of therapy, providing self-care and grounding. They have been a reminder of loved ones we ...