‘Don’t overplan, don’t overbook’: Blogger Stephanie Barry Woods’ advice for travelling the globe

Six years ago, the Cork-born entrepreneur and her now husband Tim left their jobs in London to head off around the world. Since then, she’s built an online travel business via Instagram – and had many a life-changing experience along the way

Stephanie Barry Woods: ‘Don’t overplan and overbook if you’re going on a long-term trip. In a month your attitude changes completely. Give yourself the chance to change.’ Picture: Tim Barry Woods

“I don’t have access to extra money, I don’t have any extra-special talent. It’s just about going for things. I came up with a way I’d like to live. And I think, if I’ve managed to do this, other people can too.”

Over a crackling phone line from Paris, Stephanie Barry Woods is explaining the leap she made from an upbringing in Cork to a glamorous existence travelling the world with her husband Tim, skipping ...