Designing for the benefit of Mr Kite

Sobering prints and muted hues aren’t a great look in a pandemic – and that’s where Jade Hogan’s and Jo Slevin’s Mr Kite Designs comes in

Jade Hogan and Jo Slevin, co-founders of Mr Kite Design, which now supplies 11 stores. Picture: John Allen

Jade Hogan grew up on a diet of Don Conroy, Bosco and Mary Fitzgerald’s make-and-do, creating art from pasta, pipe cleaners and toilet rolls. As one half of Mr Kite Designs, an independent textile company based out of Cork, she remembers learning how to knit, embroider and crochet from her grandmother at the age of eight.

Having fallen out of love with crafting in her teens, Hogan returned to textiles in her early twenties and ...