Design for Life: We disagree about putting our children’s pictures online

This week, child psychotherapist Colman Noctor weighs up the pros and cons of putting your child’s photographs on social media

The content we post online is often much more a reflection of ourselves than it first appears

Dear Expert,

My husband and I are having an ongoing row over how often our children’s photographs should be on social media – or whether they should even be there at all. I’m a stay-at-home mother and often photograph our kids when we’re at the playground, with friends etc. I don’t see any harm in uploading those photographs to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. I have relatively few followers on Instagram and most of them are family or friends. But my husband believes it’s a dangerous practice and says that when the kids grow older, they might object to having been on social media before they could make any kind of choice about it. I think he’s being over the top. What can I say to convince him?