Classic features and clean tech make for a cracking new GranTurismo coupé

The Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer has brought out a replacement for the old GranTurismo coupé, swapping the thunderous V8 engine for a choice of V6 petrol or electric power

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore: the electric model requires less cooling and therefore fewer vents, allowing the engineers to clean up the front end even further

GranTurismo isn’t just Maserati’s name for a two-door coupé. It’s also the Italian term for an entire genre of car.

The grand tourer was built to cover continents at high speed and in great comfort. Nowadays, however, the continents in question are more eco-conscious and the thunderous GranTurismo has had to adapt. As a result, the new model is more high-tech, more aerodynamic and more electric than ever before – but is this really the ...