Chef’s Table: Feed the family with fresh flavours

These delicious dishes come from Brian and Tara Beattie, the couple behind well-known catering company The Caterers. Their top-notch service and high-quality food have made them hugely popular for weddings and events, as they have a passion for seasonal, local ingredients and restaurant-quality food. For more information, see

Chilled gazpacho with goat’s cheese guacamole: an ideal starter on a warmer day

Chilled gazpacho with goat’s cheese guacamole

Gazpacho is an ideal starter on a warmer day, and goes really well with prosecco. Anyone who has enjoyed this fresh, cold soup abroad on a hot summer’s day will understand. The goat’s cheese guacamole is a slight twist on the classic, but it adds a bit of sophistication as well as colour.

Ingredients; serves four

½ cucumber

3g sea salt

2-3 vine ripe tomatoes

1 red pepper

1 ...