Charlie Taylor: A terrifying taste of aggression while alone on a packed Luas

A routine journey into town turns into a grim and frightening episode – and nobody in the vicinity wants to know

Charlie Taylor: ‘I’ve heard tales of people being attacked on packed subways or in crowded spaces, and always thought: “Surely someone would do something to help.” But I realise now that this isn’t what happens in these situations.’ Picture: Getty


“I’ll kick the bleedin’ head off ya.” It is shortly after 11.30am on a sunny Sunday morning, and I’ve made the mistake of getting on the Red Line Luas at Tallaght.

We’ve only been in motion for a few minutes when something is thrown at the back of my head. Whatever it is, it doesn’t hurt, but I’m annoyed. I turn around to see three lads, aged 15 years or so, sitting behind me ...