Anton Savage: When customers decide ‘there’s an app for that, but I don’t want to use it’

Apps for booking taxis or delivering food are great most of the time, but when they go wrong, they go very wrong. That’s why more and more of us are bypassing them to get to our favourite retailers directly

What can you do when the modern app approach goes pear-shaped and you descend into a Kafkaesque bureaucracy? Picture: Getty

Back in 2005, if you wanted a taxi, you could ring a company that would send you one. And if you happened to be looking for a taxi on the street, you could go to a place we endearingly called ‘ranks’ where taxis would be. Or you could wave a hand, whistle or shout “taxi!” – and one would usually arrive.

Now, in this modern era of disruption and innovation, we have apps. Those apps ...