Anton Savage: Sinn Féin, so long a pariah to the powerful, will be enjoying its spotlight moment

A consensus has formed in corporate Ireland that Sinn Féin will be in the next government and that means the party needs to be wooed with alacrity

“How the party reacts to its new-found popularity and influence is a matter for it, but early reports would suggest it is eager to make it clear that it can be worked with and isn’t going to go full Fidel Castro when elected.” Picture: RollingNews

It must be a happy time for Sinn Féin. For decades it has been the most ignored and ignorable political party in the Dáil. Not by media. The media paid attention. But the ‘Powerful’? Not so much. Those who needed access to the corridors of power; big companies, employers representatives, industry groups. They all knew one thing for sure – there was no point talking to Sinn Féin. Ignore ’em.

Pretty much no other political ...