Law on Trial: the new Business Post legal affairs podcast launches

WhatsApp, employment disputes and the curious case of the Sex Pistols: welcome to the first episode of Law on Trial

Welcome to a new podcast series from the Business Post on legal affairs in Ireland and beyond. Hosts Peter Leonard, barrister, and Mark Tottenham, barrister and author, are joined by Catherine Sanz, legal correspondent of the Business Post, to shine a light on legal topics and court cases, as well as conducting interviews with figures from the legal world.

In our first episode, Gwendolen Morgan of the Workplace Relations Commission talks about public hearings and evidence on oath in employment disputes. Ronan Lupton BL discusses the €225m Whatsapp fine for data protection breaches. Also under the microscope: the new Texas abortion law, sentencing for possession of a stolen lawnmower, and litigation over the Sex Pistols' intellectual property.

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