Law on Trial: listen to the fifth episode of the Business Post’s new legal affairs podcast

In the dock: should the Special Criminal Court be abolished?

In this new podcast series from the Business Post on legal affairs in Ireland and beyond, hosts Peter Leonard, barrister, and Mark Tottenham, barrister and editor of, are joined by Catherine Sanz, legal correspondent of the Business Post, to shine a light on legal topics and court cases, as well as conducting interviews with figures from the legal world.

In our fifth episode, UK legal commentator David Allen Green discusses the constitutional significance of the Good Friday Agreement, and the implications of Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol. Gemma McLoughlin Burke from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties advocates the abolition of the Special Criminal Court. We discuss the centenary of the first women to qualify as barristers. And recent case law on: proving copy wills; whether a golfer could sue his club after his subscription had lapsed; and whether asylum seekers are entitled to hold Irish driving licences.

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