Street stealth: the season’s best quiet luxury style moments

Stealth wealth dressing is spilling from the on-screen affairs of HBO’s Succession to the off-screen celebrity and street style circles

The low-key luxury look is the season’s staple trend, as seen in celebrity, fashion week, and street style circles

If you have given the internet even a cursory glance in the past week, chances are you have come across one, or both, of the following: Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski-and-run trial, and the highly-anticipated return of the fourth and final season of HBO’s Succession.

But what do these seemingly unrelated stories have in common? Well, their intersection with fashion of course, namely with the one trend that everyone is talking about: stealth wealth.

Also known as quiet luxury, the trend is essentially a pared-back, understated, and subtle approach to fashion. It drops the flashy bells and whistles of brand logos and overt displays of wealth for polished silhouettes and styles. It is a look that is obviously moneyed, but never flashy. Paltrow’s court outfits were the epitome of this, between the Loro Piana cream turtleneck to The Row’s moss green wool coat, it was a classic nod to the ‘if you know, you know’ club, who subscribe to the look and have a trained eye for spotting quiet luxury labels.