‘Comfortcore’ is trending: here’s how to achieve the fuss-free, cosied up look

Comfort over beauty and substance over style is what defines ‘comfortcore’, which is predicted to be 2023’s biggest interiors trend

Achieve the look by adding soft textures, tactile fabrications and delicate furnishings. Image: Wayfair

It seems that the ‘trendcore’ cycle sweeping across social feeds is in a constant state of reinvention. We've seen everything from cottagecore and normcore, to cluttercore and angelcore, that the next ‘something-core’ to land is seen as little more than a TikTok fantasy. That’s until interiors brand Wayfair revealed its interiors predictions for 2023, and comfortcore is top of the list.

Both an interiors trend and lifestyle, comfortcore is the concept of people favouring comfort ...