Saturday June 6, 2020

Post Podcast: Facebook’s Irish Face-Off

Ian Kehoe is joined by Chief Reporter Jack Horgan-Jones to discuss the impact of the Cambridge Analytica controversy on the company's operations in Ireland

29th March, 2018
The Post Podcast

The Cambridge Analytica controversy has shaken Facebook to its core. Its share price has dropped steeply, amid market worries that new regulations will impact on future performance. Given its European operations are regulated in Dublin, this places massive importance on the Irish authorities. Ian Kehoe and Jack Horgan-Jones discuss the Facebook controversy, and its likely impact on the company's operations in Ireland. They also discuss the paper’s story from Sunday which revealed how Facebook resisted attempts from the Irish regulator to clamp down on the data harvesting apps at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, insisting that it had a “lawful basis” to allow the apps to download data without users’ knowledge.


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