Cathal Mac Coille: Government must be radical on rents for its own sake, and ours

State invested in ‘cuckoo fund’ that snapped up hundreds of Maynooth homes

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Council plans to lease estate for more than cost to buy

Home truths about funds buying up houses

Housing Killian Woods 1 hour ago

Brian Keegan: Taxing investment funds won’t solve the housing crisis

Housing Brian Keegan 1 hour ago

Almost half of local authorities not set up to collect vacant site levy

An Bord Pleanála says it spent €8.2m on legal fees in 2020

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Planning board gave green light to 770 co-living spaces through fast-track system in 2020

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Rents rise 7% outside Dublin due to ‘extraordinarily weak’ housing supply

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Michael Brennan: First-time buyers' frustrations set to continue for some time yet

Housing crisis is coming home to roost for the government parties

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Michael Brennan: A plague on both your houses: Mullen Park is a warning to FF and FG

Aidan Regan: How to stop the rot? Don’t treat housing as a financial asset

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Generation rent is not buying the political excuses anymore

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Editorial: Government must take radical measures to fix housing crisis

Real estate firm collecting nearly $1,000 more in average rent here than in United States

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Property funds outbid housing bodies by ‘up to €80k per home’

Fallout from Mullen Park continues as under-pressure government examines tax breaks

‘Price fixing’ investigation to be carried out in rental sector

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Investors buying up housing estates is unacceptable, says Taoiseach

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