Covid-19: A Further Shore

29th March, 2020
Covid-19: A Further Shore

Chris Fitzpatrick of the Coombe Hospital writes a meditation on our challenged times

Day shift on now, a

midwife puts on PPE

baby cries – the same

Big signs everywhere

in yellow: Covid-19

no visitors now

Do rounds, discharge home

Afternoon: phone-call clinic

read algorithms

Login on laptop

RCPI webinar –

a thousand doctors


getting closer to the surge

flatten the curve now

Wash hands, cough in a

tissue or sleeve, keep apart

stay at home, full stop

Tony Holohan

He’s our Sully; has worked out

where the Hudson is

Leo’s Henry V

at Agincourt, we’re a band –

sisters and brothers

PPEs airborne

Battles fought in ITUs

on wards all over

Everything now closed

find Callan‘s Kicks on podcast -

the tonic I need

Phone my mam and dad

they‘re cocooned and praying hard

for all without mass

I think of Heaney

Believe a further shore is

reachable. It is

Chris Fitzpatrick, Coombe Hospital

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