Midleton’s master distiller: a Very Rare title indeed

Kevin O’Gorman is only the fourth person in 75 years to hold the title of master distiller at the Midleton distillery in Cork

Kevin O‘Gorman: ’I really had to pinch myself. Bloody hell, I am now the master distiller.‘ Photo: Clare Keogh

“So, do you like it?’ asks Kevin O’Gorman. I pause.

Working in, and writing about, the world of food and beverages, I get asked that question a lot. I’ve learned that it’s better to be honest and forthright, and cut quickly to the chase, even though I may bruise the occasional ego.

Today is different. I’m not pondering a new kombucha, contemplating an umpteenth cracker, puckering up to yet another chutney. What I am swirling ...