Alice’s adventures in veggieland: Masterchef finalist on her new cookbook

We meet former Masterchef Australia contestant Alice Zaslavsky to talk about lockdown, rediscovering lost cooking skills and her new book, In Praise of Veg

Alice Zaslavsky reached finals week on Masterchef Australia almost a decade ago and has gone on to become one of its most well-known contestants. Photo: Ben Dearnley

Ahead of my interview with Alice Zaslavsky, I had to work hard to make sure I didn’t completely fangirl once she came online. I’ve watched Masterchef Australia, which just finished its twelfth season, since its inception, seeing cooks like Andy Allen, Reynold Poernomo and the original winner, Julie Goodwin, rise to fame.

Zaslavsky, a former teacher who reached finals week on the show almost a decade ago, has gone on to become one of its ...