Summer of spritz: Oisin Davis visits a new Dublin bar that should be on everyone’s radar

On the ground floor of Three Storey on St Stephen’s Green, Martin Holec is serving up a top-notch selection of lower-alcohol spritzes that are perfect for this time of year

Martin Holec of Three Storey, a new spritzeria on St Stephen’s Green in Dublin: “We saw a gap between cocktail lounges and wine bars.” Picture: Fergal Phillips

Historians tell us that the ancient Greeks and Romans would often dilute their wine with a little H2O to lighten its potency. A couple of millennia later, the Austrians started taking it up a notch. They would liberally pour, or as they say in their own tongue, spritz, some sparkling water onto wines for some effervescence.

That, by most accounts, is how the spritz/spritzer style of beverage was born. It is wildly popular in countries ...