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‘People are generally in awe of Ashford’: Liam Finnegan on becoming head chef at the Mayo castle

The native of Louth returned from England to take up the role of executive head chef at Ashford Castle in Co Mayo, but says it was France that really formed his approach to food

Liam Finnegan: “Our goal is to take local and seasonal ingredients that are sustainable and elevate them.” Picture: Elizabeth Toher

“What did I learn from the French? I learned that a dish can’t be truly beautiful if it doesn’t have the right flavour. I learned that the most powerful tool in the hands of a good chef is a spoon. I learned that the look of a dish isn’t as important as the experience it delivers.”

Liam Finnegan, the newly-appointed executive head chef at Ashford Castle in Cong in Co Mayo, has worked for chefs ...