#HowIDidIt: a new Women in Leadership podcast from the Business Post

The Sunday Interview: David Beirne, managing director, UPMC

Interview Ian Guider 2 weeks ago

Ray Ryan: ‘Irish companies need to be able to deal with a bigger marketplace. That lends itself to the cloud’

Interview Emmet Ryan 2 weeks ago

Phil Siveter: ‘Fibre broadband is crucial and the last year has driven that home’

Interview Emmet Ryan 3 weeks ago

Tommy Tiernan: ‘There’s a pressure to have phenomenal erections all the time’

Interview Colin Murphy 3 weeks ago

Been there, Dunne that: Ben Dunne on the highs and lows of life in the public eye

Interview Barry J Whyte 1 month ago

Malaki: ‘My notebook and pen were my best friends at times where I struggled’

Saoirse McHugh interview: Talking ’bout her generation

Interview Barry J Whyte 1 month ago

Kevin McGahern: ‘2020 was the most annoying yet interesting year in human history’

Interview Andrea Cleary 1 month ago

Introducing credit unions to the Revolut generation

Interview Emmet Ryan 1 month ago

Mary Lou McDonald: ‘Being pig ignorant online adds nothing to the sum of human knowledge. Please stop.’

Interview Michael Brennan 2 months ago

Angel investors’ faith in tech firm reaps heavenly rewards

Interview Róisín Burke 8 months ago

Thomas Piketty: ‘Inequality and the rise of Trump and Brexit are closely related’

Economics Daniel Murray 11 months ago

Wladimir Klitschko interview: thinking outside the boxing ring

Interview Emmet Ryan 1 year ago

Stephen Vernon: ‘You almost always get back as much as you put in’

Vice-Admiral Mark Mellett: ‘If we’re relying on traditional communications, we’ll lose the war’

Interview Colin Murphy 1 year ago

Barry Devereux: ‘It would be totally wrong of McCann FitzGerald not to make a social impact’

Sarah Newman: ‘My friends can’t believe I’m still here’

Interview Aaron Rogan 1 year ago

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