Wednesday June 3, 2020

TechLEARN aims to provide ‘widest range of learning tools’

Initiative from Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is designed to allow companies to enable low-cost, ‘all of the time’ learning

2nd March, 2020
Una Fitzpatrick, director of Technology Ireland, Maire Hunt, network director of Technology Ireland Software Skillnet, and Paul Healy, chief executive of Skillnet Ireland at the launch of the TechLEARN initiative

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet recently launched its TechLEARN initiative, which is designed to provide businesses with much-needed technology skills on the e-learning platforms Pluralsight and O’Reilly Media.

“We want to provide companies with the widest range of learning tools, supports and enablers for all their technology staff and management as they enter the next era of transformative changes, with all of the opportunities and challenges that that brings,” said Maire Hunt, network director Technology Ireland Software Skillnet.

The initiative will allow companies to accelerate the development of tech skills for technology and non-technology staff and enable low-cost, ‘all of the time’ learning. The on-demand digital libraries on the learning platforms in TechLEARN have a range of expert-level courses in key technologies.

“It’s vital that we have a thriving indigenous tech sector which forms a central part of the overall tech ecosystem in Ireland,” said Una Fitzpatrick, director of Technology Ireland.

The ongoing tech skills shortage in Ireland means such tools are increasingly important.

Paul Healy, chief executive of Skillnet Ireland, said: “Investment doesn’t happen, projects don’t get initiated and things don’t get moved along if there’s an absence of skills. This is where programmes like this actually are so critical in that it’s developing these skills from within the workforce, hopefully heading off some of the vacancies before they even arise.

“The reality is our FDI [foreign direct investment] proposition has never been under greater threat, and that’s a fact. The remaining pillars of our FDI proposition, particularly talent, have to be really, really strengthened. If we are to continue to compete to win investment and consolidate investment already here, we will have to compete over and beyond what we’re doing.”

Smaller firms need to adapt and train their workforce to adapt too, Healy said.

“We have an issue with our small firms in this country because their productivity is stagnating. Part of the reason for that is the extent to which our small firms are lacking on the digital agenda, and that’s a really important message that we're trying to get out,” he said.

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is covering 50 per cent of the cost, and access is via a yearly licence per user with a minimum purchase of ten users.

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