Start-up of the Month: Frankie Health is in the business of balance

The Dublin-based company wants to revolutionise how companies provide mental health support to staff and empower employees

James McGann, co-founder of Frankie Health: ‘I figured I was at the stage in life to build something I really believed in.’ Photo: Bryan Meade

Frankie Health is a cloud-based tool that helps individuals find the support required to address mental health issues. The platform gets to know the individual and recommends action based on the user’s specific needs.

Launched in August last year, the idea for the business came to James McGann, co-founder of Frankie Health, from his own experiences.

“I was working in San Francisco in 2013 and burnt out pretty badly. Anxiety was affecting me, I couldn’t really sleep, and I was doing all the unhealthy things that young Irish men tend to do. I was introduced to therapy and meditation to help,” he told Connected.