Barry Lunn: ‘Investors want to see big egos, they want to hear people talk about building a billion-dollar company’

Barry Lunn is an entrepreneur who first found success with Arralis, a radar technology specialist that was acquired in a $50 million deal in 2017. He now leads Provizio, which is seeking to make accident prevention technology as ubiquitous as seat belts in vehicles.

Barry Lunn, Provizio co-founder and chief executive: ‘I’ve never felt like celebrating the fact that I've given away a chunk of the business to someone else even if it is on good terms’

I honestly worry about people who want to be entrepreneurs. I’ve always taken the view that those who do, have mental health issues. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, more that it involves having a singular focus on solving problems that, while good for business, isn’t necessarily good for life.

If you’re going into business, find the smartest people around. It is obvious but getting the best people makes the difference between failing ...