Are we facing another dotcom crash?

Buoyed by a surge in retail traders, tech stocks boomed. Then the crash came, wiping out investors and entire businesses. Now, decades later, tech stock fever is again in full swing. Will today’s boom will be a rerun of the 2001 dotcom bust?

Michael Dowling, professor of finance at DCU Business School, said that while the current fad for NFTs as certificates of authenticity will pass, the NFT technology itself has a use. Picture: Bryan Meade

Information and communications technology deserves some real recognition for keeping the show on the road during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another Zoom call or Teams meeting may not seem terribly inviting right now – but, without our devices and the internet, the last year would have been a lot more difficult than it was.

Keeping businesses going was not the only thing tech was doing, though: it was also shooting ever higher on the stock market. ...