Alexa, Siri and co are now commonplace

‘We will need to somehow guard against the ability of AI to influence the outcome of democratic elections‘ says Michael Power, Global MES Manager, Glanbia Plc

20th April, 2021
Alexa, Siri and co are now commonplace

How long have you held your current position?

More than 20 years in Glanbia. More than 5 in the Manufacturing CoE

How would you describe your daily work routine?

50% keeping the show on the road

30% keeping customers happy

20% keeping an eye on the future

How would you summarise your professional background prior to your current position?

Started writing ‘C’ programs for studio automation projects in RTE

Progressed to managing Computer integrated Manufacturing systems in optical lens manufacturing

Spent a little time working with automation and SCADA engineers on Hydro-electric plant refurbishments.

15years as global networks manager in Glanbia (fixed and mobile)

How would you describe your life outside of work?

Family centred.

Started running a few years ago keeps me sane.

Like reading. Like tinkering with smart home devices, drives the family crazy.

Too much Netflix during Covid lockdown

What is the focus of your session at the forthcoming AI Summit 2021?

5Gs role in AI

How do you think AI will shape the future of Ireland over the coming 5 years?

I’m both excited and scared in equal measure. We have already become accustomed to amazon understanding our shopping preferences, Netflix and Spotify understanding and making surprisingly satisfactory decisions about our entertainment choices. Our interactions with our digital assistants; Alexa, Siri and co are now commonplace and accepted. This is all fun stuff; expect more of it and expect the interactions to become more natural and realistic. The more sinister manipulation of our news with deep fake etc. presents an altogether different prospect though. We will need to somehow guard against the ability of AI to influence the outcome of democratic elections or to create polarising factions designed to create instability.

Michael will be speaking at the virtual AI Summit on Wednesday April 21. For more information see

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