Why TX is the new CX

How organisations can use Total Experience to boost revenue and reduce customer churn

Andrea Wallace, director of Ireland, Unifii: ‘TX creates a strong foundation for customer and employee engagement across the enterprise.’ Picture: Maura Hickey

Brand loyalty is under siege. A recent survey conducted across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) by our partner ServiceNow revealed that 80 per cent of Irish customers are less loyal to brands than they were two years ago. That’s an astonishing figure.

Thanks to a cost-of-living crisis, many consumers are now willing to sacrifice brand loyalty for more cost-effective substitutes that deliver the same functional value. It takes just one poor service interaction to push them over the edge, and that hard-won customer has been lost forever.

However, behind each service interaction is a complex web of decisions, actions, plans, processes and technology supported by a team of people. That team needs to have access to the appropriate processes and technology to do their job effectively and feel a sense of real satisfaction when they complete the working day.

Break the chain between employee and customer, and that superior customer experience you’ve worked so hard to create breaks too.

Total Experience as a catalyst for change

ServiceNow implementation partner Unifii believes that TX or Total Experience can address many of the competitive challenges facing businesses today. But it requires a fundamental rethink on business operations.

“Total Experience (TX) is a business model that considers both the employee and customer experience in tandem, instead of prioritising just one,” said Andrea Wallace, director of Ireland with Unifii.

“By acknowledging that employee and customer journeys are all interlinked, it becomes possible to identify opportunities for improvement across multiple parts of business at the same time. It’s about creating a service-oriented business, internal and external, which also serves the needs of employees. Improve one and you improve all,” she said.

Eradicating silos

Organisational silos are an obvious barrier to customer experience. Eradicating them is a great place to start on the journey to Total Experience.

Siloed working tends to create an ‘Us vs Them’ culture, where conflict rather than collaboration is the norm and employees feel disconnected from organisational strategy and from each other. Where employees are encouraged to make a meaningful contribution to strategy, they have a real stake in driving its success.

Poor communications and patchy collaboration are also symptoms of siloed operations. One solution is to introduce cross-departmental processes, which ensure that information flows seamlessly between teams. Shared KPIs are also a great way to bring teams together around shared priorities.

To take this approach to the next level, Wallace recommends the deployment of an enterprise-wide, workflow platform such as ServiceNow that draws together people, processes and technology into a single, unified system.

Enterprise workflow platforms automate and improve business processes. Through a single point of access, all teams and departments get a complete view of each workflow, as well as understanding upcoming milestones and being able to track low-level details if necessary.

By replacing multiple management processes with a single system, you reduce the number of integration points and technical complexity. Strategically deployed workflow platforms are simpler to use, cheaper to maintain and much more effective for running your organisation.

“At Unifii, we want to help businesses to tie processes together so they can make it easy for staff to perform their daily tasks and for customers to easily interact with the organisation,” said Wallace.

“And as a ServiceNow Elite partner with consultants in-country, we’re in a prime position to help Irish organisations to leverage the power of TX, which creates a strong foundation for customer and employee engagement across the enterprise.”

The Unifii team have a suite of ServiceNow applications to help your business use the platform more effectively and bring siloed teams together, all while improving transparency between departments.

See: www.unifii.ie