Why it’s time to build and enhance your remote working strategy

Using simple and trusted solutions, you can enable identical setups for your office and remote workers that will protect your business and offer improved productivity and focus for your employees, says Kieran McDonnell, Country Manager, Vuzion Ireland

6th June, 2020
Why it’s time to build and enhance your remote working strategy
Kieran McDonnell, Country Manager, Vuzion Ireland

The remote working era is here to stay in some capacity. Thousands of Irish businesses are working from home, attempting to make ‘business as usual’ virtual. The “change or fail” methodology has never been truer; industries that were able to transition to remote working are surviving and those for which it wasn’t possible are struggling.

A recent Gartner survey revealed that, post-pandemic, 41% of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time; something they had never considered before.

By implementing suitable remote working solutions, businesses can stay ahead of the curve while avoiding falling victim to another global economic crisis; or the heightened cybercrime that comes with it.

Embedding remote working within your company culture can offer long-term resilience and improved levels of productivity and focus for employees. And it is much simpler and more cost effective than you might think.

Replicating the desktop experience

The way we work has changed dramatically in the last decade, but humans are still creatures of habit. Jared Spataro, Corporate VP for Microsoft 365, agrees: “Working remotely full-time can challenge us as humans because we are hardwired to connect”. The truth is, you can easily replicate the same desktop experience at home as you can in the office and with no difference in connecting with colleagues even in locations that don’t have good bandwidth.

Remote desktop solutions like Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop allow you to give your team a familiar PC desktop experience across almost any device, including iPads and home PCs. Our expert team has installed remote desktop solutions for customers with 5 to 3,000 users and the simplicity speaks for itself.

Enhancing productivity and focus

Microsoft 365 provides a full productivity suite in the cloud and has been essential for many businesses during the global lockdown. Microsoft Teams, the hub for collaboration within Microsoft 365, now has in excess of 75m million daily users. This is not surprising, given the all-encompassing collaboration capabilities of chat, online meetings, file sharing, joint document editing and phone calls — from any device, anywhere.

Improving business security

Remote working introduces new security challenges that must be considered, particularly during a crisis that offers many exploitation avenues for criminals.

Leading security firm Mimecast recently revealed a report examining 100 days of COVID-19, which saw spam email increase by 26.3% and impersonation by 30.3%.

It is vital that businesses put security at the heart of their remote working solution, not only now but post-crisis as well, in order to protect employees and data.

The Microsoft 365 suite includes advanced threat protection, preventing sophisticated email phishing attacks and securing your employees identity and devices. Layering additional security solutions like data back-up, disaster recovery and web security is highly recommended.

Where to start

Building a remote working solution is surprisingly simple. We work with trusted partners in Ireland to ensure that your business needs come first. Our partners, including Typetec and Compupac, will work with you to help build and enhance your remote working strategy to improve business resilience and employee productivity and satisfaction.

To request a free business consultation and enhance your remote working strategy visit www.vuzion.ie/connected

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