Vyta upcycles IT waste into clean green machines

Vyta upcycles IT waste into clean green machines

The e-waste solutions company is working to mitigate the increasing problem of IT waste and helping client firms shrink their carbon footprint

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25th September, 2021

As we confront the climate crisis, we look to technology for solutions that can help to slow down global warming. But while the promise of technology offers hope for our planet, it is also presenting an environmental headache when it comes to IT waste.

The European Parliament reports that e-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in Europe and just 40 per cent of it gets recycled. As organisations embrace digital transformation – and therefore the world’s e-waste mounts – the issue is becoming ever more critical.

Ireland’s 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan from the European Commission recognises the need to sustainably retire IT equipment in order to minimise e-waste. Vyta – formerly known as AMI – has been providing sustainable solutions for the disposal of end-of-life technology since 2001, helping organisations to drastically reduce the environmental impact of removing obsolete or surplus IT equipment.

As the number of businesses pledging to become climate neutral increases, Vyta is helping those organisations to reach their goals, while also supporting Ireland’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2050. Vyta’s business model is dedicated not only to making its own sustainability efforts, but also empowering its customers to reduce their carbon footprint. For all the laptops upcycled by Vyta in 2020, it made total savings of 385 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

To further strengthen its commitment to sustainability, Vyta has joined forces with some of Ireland’s most innovative IT and tech-oriented companies as part of the Techies Go Green initiative. The movement will help members to decarbonise their businesses. Vyta is helping them promote the COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) with their commitment to collectively recycle 2,600 pieces of e-waste in 100 days.

To further encourage businesses to embark on a journey to carbon neutrality, Vyta offers financial incentives through different channels including its own e-commerce arm, RefreshedByUs.com – It resells upcycled IT equipment after it has undergone stringent data sanitisation processes. In doing so, it returned €7 million to organisations across Ireland and Britain in 2019 and 2020.

To arrange an initial assessment to see how Vyta can support your business, call + 353 1 257 3401 or email [email protected]

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