Transform the room experience


23rd March, 2021
Transform the room experience

A large social crisis can lead to unexpected change. Often technology will evolve quickly in response to the crisis. What tech changes are we likely to see in 2021 and beyond?

Consider video conferencing, which has been around for decades. Adoption was growing steadily – until the recent crisis. Now, it seems every business meeting includes Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

Two other technologies that have been around for years and slowly gaining traction are artificial intelligence and voice control. While these two innovative technologies have long intrigued IT teams, they are now receiving renewed attention as businesses look for ways to maintain a safe workplace and enable employees to return to the office.

Indeed, analysts like Frost & Sullivan recommend that IT leaders take a hard look at voice control, AI, IoT and other technologies, specifically for meetings. This opportunity to improve efficiency and safety represents the “next wave of disruptive innovation”1 in meeting experiences.

The Impact of AI on Meetings Will Be Far-Reaching

The benefits of AI for meeting room management will likely be felt across the business by leaders in HR, IT, real estate, and facilities.

•Business leaders want to improve employee safety: If a room designed for 12 is now considered reasonably safe for a maximum of six people (at 50% occupancy), is that occupancy being maintained? If not, can facilities be notified so they can take action?

•Real estate teams want to ensure space is utilized efficiently: Which rooms are heavily used and which rooms are underutilized? Does the team need to create more huddle rooms or more large conference rooms? Are meeting rooms on certain floors always empty while those on other floors are never available?

•IT teams need to make sure meeting room devices are functioning: Which room solutions are in high demand? Which ones are not being used, and can they be reallocated to different meeting spaces? Are the software and firmware up to date, and are the devices online and functioning?

These are the kinds of questions AI is able to answer as leaders in various functions strive to make meetings safer and more efficient. Logitech Sync now offers the ability to gather this kind of data and deliver it in the form of reports and dashboards. And this is just the beginning of what’s planned for Sync.

Using Voice for Meeting Planning and Management

It’s probably not surprising that voice control has captured the attention of analysts as well as IT and business leaders. Tens of millions of people use Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and other smart home devices to answer questions, operate lights and appliances, and generally save time and effort. In the business world, one can easily imagine voice response added to vending machines, elevators, lighting systems, and of course, meeting rooms.

Anticipating this trend, Logitech is working with partners like Google to offer hands-free meeting room experiences. With the power of voice command plus AI, employees will be able to quickly and easily start and manage meetings.

Likewise, Logitech Solutions for Google Meet now include “Hey Google” voice controls so you can use your voice to join and leave video meetings, dial a phone number, and more.

Change is inevitable, especially now. While the future is impossible to predict, we can be confident that technologies like AI and voice control will play an even greater role in the work environment going forward.


1.“Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Meetings Market,” Frost & Sullivan, June 2020.

2.“Preserving Your Digital Growth Investments During Economic Uncertainty.” Gartner, April 2020.

Tantech, Ireland's Video Conferencing Specialists and Google Cloud Partner, are delighted to be bringing these outstanding products to market.

Phil Howarth, Tantech's Sales Director for Ireland and the UK added "Tantech is thrilled to be partnering with Google and Logitech on these best-of-breed products.

With 20 years’ experience in the AV marketplace, we feel this suite of products are a game changer in terms of meeting room delivery, flexibility and simplicity.

With our own demonstration rooms in Dublin City Centre and a fleet of engineers, we cannot wait to show what is now available, literally at the touch of a button”.

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