The show goes on as Dotser helps you set up online trading

With so many businesses setting up in the saturated marketplace of online commerce, Dotser offers scaleable and affordable e-commerce sites

28th June, 2020
The show goes on as Dotser helps you set up online trading
Loughnan Hooper, chief executive and founder of Dotser

When it comes to ecommerce, you must learn to master the principles of your web analytics in order to succeed in the growing competitive market, of trading online, warns cloud business solutions company, Dotser.

Lockdown and the value of the Trading Online Voucher has moved every business to the saturated marketplace of online trading. Determined not to drop their prices, in order for them to jump onto this particular bandwagon, Doster remains focused on educating its clients with a long-term focus in mind.

“It would be easy for us to come up with a simple package for €2,750 to take advantage of the grant available from the Local Enterprise Office, to just get as many clients in the door as possible,” said Loughnan Hooper, chief executive and founder of Dotser. “We’ve tried it in the past and we’ve learned from experience, when trying to do things on the cheap, it will just come back to bite you.

“Many people who are going to go for the voucher understandably want to spend as little as possible – but if it’s their first website you're going to have to train them up a lot more in order to deliver real value. That's why we positioned ourselves to get an ecommerce site, starting at €3,500.

“We bring experience with our simple-to-use scalable platform that is geared towards the mobile phone – working with our clients to learn about their sector and devise a well thought out digital strategy. They can easily add pages and products themselves with minimal training, but we will offer extra guidance with key pointers to achieve higher natural Google rankings. We want our clients to be more self-sufficient in their online success,” Hooper said.

“It just means we've set aside a number of hours to focus on key areas of the project – an increase in enquires and, of course, sales – building our strategies around that KPI. The endgame is that within three to six months’ time, if we put in your keywords into Google that you will appear on the first page of Google natural search results.”

The quality of a site is important, customers must want to engage with you as they would if they were in your store, you need to find a way of representing yourself in the same way when you move to your ecommerce platform.

“Things are going to be challenging in the next couple of months for businesses as they reopen – there are businesses that unfortunately just will not survive,” said Hooper. “But the people that wholly embrace an online strategy can reach a greater market and get the message across that they are still open and offering great value. If they’re able to accept payments online, B2C or B2B, they're going to at least be in a position to bring in cash and survive.”

Reach and sales do not just happen because you took to cyberspace, learning how to manipulate your reach, and getting customers to follow through to a sale, is the real cost of going digital.

“There's so much data that can be gleaned from your website and all our sites integrate with Google Analytics. Put in a little bit of a code that will at least tell you what page did they land on? How far has somebody clicked into your website, how long did they stay? Did they just get what they wanted to from the phone number or did they browse around? Did they come from natural search results or an ad you paid for? What words did they use to find you? Was it a social media campaign or post?

“You're able to see all that data and then it's just looking at it, analysing it and then re-evaluating your strategy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – the bigger pool of data you have the better decisions you can make,” Hooper said.

Another string to the Doster bow is SuperShow competition and trade stand management system. Hooper’s experience as a director of a world sheepdog trials prompted his decision to come up with an easier system for a show committee, as well as a payment system for exhibitors and competitors so they could just enter online, rather than the cumbersome procedure of hand written entry forms and cash.

“I reviewed the system and with my own event experience I developed a cloud-based system which was more user friendly for the exhibitors and competitors,” he said.

The platform allows exhibitors to book and pay for their trade stands, competitors can enter and pay their classes and the event managers can manage the entries, live results, sponsorship, judges and also prize money saving a tonne of manual work that is normally required by the show’s committee.

This year has proved quite challenging for shows and livestock producers but luckily, with Dotser’s latest offering, the show must go on!

“Last year we had ten new shows that came on board with us, and this year we were getting more before Covid-19 hit and cancelled everything. Like all businesses we have had to innovate so we came up with a Virtual Show platform where somebody can enter a competition, upload a video after entry, or upload photographs and pay for it all in one go,” Hooper said.

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