The game has changed

‘Doing things the way we always did is not an option’ says Cillian Leonowicz, EY Ireland, Director, Technology Consulting Director

16th September, 2021
The game has changed

What's your name and what position do you hold?

Cillian Leonowicz, EY Ireland, Director, Technology Consulting Director

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

I am a Director in Technology Consulting specialising in Digital Innovation and Exponential Technologies. I currently lead EY’s Digital Customer and Blockchain teams. My day-to-day responsibility is to help clients realise the transformations they hope to achieve through the application of technology, programme and change management and the design of new services, solutions and supporting processes.

How do you think the industry is coping as we move into the post Covid era?

I think industry is facing unprecedented change driven by new methods of construction, sustainability, efficiency and the current need to deliver affordable accommodation for a growing population. Add to this supply chain challenges, the knock-on effects from COVID and a war for talent and we quickly realise…doing things the way we always did is not an option. The game has changed! Some have responded but others are lagging behind.

What challenges do you see for leaders in the construction sector?

Beyond the day-to-day of efficient delivery, leaders are being asked to change and pivot their organisations. Becoming leaner, leveraging technology and driving great levels of transparency for sustainability and quality is central to this. The pivot is two-fold: 1. From analogue to digital and 2. From siloed entity to ecosystem participant. This requires a significant cultural shift and the tooling to thrive in this new paradigm.

How do you see tech innovation transforming this industry? What do you think will be the major breakthroughs over the next 5–10 years?

I don’t think the tech and innovation transformation will be uniform. There will be varying levels of maturity among the biggest players down to the “one-man band’s”. It will be survival of the fittest and I don’t envisage a panacea or major breakthrough…innovation is always led by the early adopters who want to take market share as Tesla and others have proved. The question here is which firm will be the Tesla equivalent and fundamentally rethink this industry and how homes or offices etc. are delivered.

Where would you like to see the industry in 10 years’ time?

As a Blockchain advocate I’d hope the industry would be using a distributed network to share data, create transparency and enable efficiency.

Cillian Leonowicz is speaking at the CIF’s 2021 virtual annual conference on Sept 30th. Visit for full info and to book.

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