TalentHub promotes Morgan Cummins to partner and board member

The talent recruitment expert will champion a growth mindset approach within the marketing and e-commerce sectors

Lorraine Fretwell MD, Morgan Cummins, Partner with his growthmindset team of Blaithin MacHale, Declan Whelan and SophieDoherty

TalentHub, a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions across tech, data, sales, design, marketing and HR recruitment, is proud to announce the promotion of Morgan Cummins to partner and board member. In this strategic role, Morgan Cummins will spearhead the company’s efforts to revolutionise the hiring industry by championing a unique growth mindset approach within the marketing and e-commerce sectors.

With an impressive track record of accomplishments in the fields of marketing, e-commerce, and talent development, Morgan Cummins brings a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to recruitment. His strategic vision and commitment to innovation align perfectly with TalentHub’s mission to connect businesses with exceptional talent.

“We are thrilled that Morgan Cummins has become a partner and board member,” said Lorraine Fretwell, managing director and founder of TalentHub. “Morgan’s deep industry knowledge, passion for coaching and dedication to nurturing diverse talent make him an invaluable partner in our business. We are confident that his vision will drive our mission forward and accelerate our growth.”

Cummins has a strong record of fostering organisational growth and cultivating high-performing teams. In his new role, he will focus on talent spotting the very best and diverse marketing and e-commerce people. His experience in recognising and coaching high potential talent will undoubtedly strengthen TalentHub’s ability to provide clients with outstanding people who can thrive in today’s dynamic, ever-changing business landscape.

While Cummins has trained his team of industry experts to hire for growth mindset, culture fit, skills and abilities.

“I am honoured to become a partner and board member at TalentHub,” said Cummins. “The opportunity to contribute to the advancement of marketing and e-commerce talent is an exciting prospect, and I am passionately committed to leveraging our unique approach to drive innovation and excellence in recruitment as we continue to empower people and organisations to achieve their full potential.”

Cummins’s appointment underlines TalentHub’s ongoing commitment to driving positive change within the talent acquisition industry. His role will undoubtedly shape the future of hiring practices, facilitating connections that will empower businesses to thrive and professionals to be the best they can be.

As one of leading client’s previously said, “If the recruitment industry could clone Morgan, we would be in for a revolution at a global level in our industry.”

TalentHub specialises in tech, data, sales, design, marketing and HR recruitment, with a focus on innovation, diversity and growth mindset. TalentHub empowers organisations to build high-performing teams that drive success in today’s competitive business landscape.

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