Taking stock of coronavirus’s impact on construction

The Construction Industry Federation Southern Construct, held online for the first time in its history, took the pulse of an industry rocked by Covid-19 this year

James Benson, Housing and Planning Director, Construction Industry Federation; Fearghal Reidy, Director of Strategic and Economic, Development, Cork City Council; Sarah Murphy, Managing Director, iQuest Ltd. & Business Post LIVE; Paul Moran, Regional Manager, Transport Infrastructure Ireland; John Paul Fitzgerald, Associate Director of Transport Planning, Jacobs and Jim Barrett, General Manager, C-CAD Computing, Diatec Group

Online for the first time, the Construction Industry Federation Southern Construct event took the pandemic as its theme; with promises of a vaccine on the horizon, now is the time to take stock of how Covid-19 has influenced the construction sector, and to plan for the future, too.

The conference brought together engineers, architects, infrastructure project managers and other construction professionals working in the southern regions, with a programme covering topics including transport infrastructure, the ...