Sustainable low carbon design is a priority

‘All areas need to work together to compliment each other and not in competition with each other’ says Angela Brady, Architect director of Brady Mallalieu Architects

16th November, 2020
Sustainable low carbon design is a priority

What's your name?

Angela Brady

What’s your current job?

Architect director of Brady Mallalieu Architects

How long have you held the position?

since we started 30 years ago

Can you describe your daily work routine?

Dealing with clients and housing projects, office fit outs and masterplans. I also chair Croydon “Place Review Panel”, for major projects and advise Architecture school students with design review and give regular talks.

What is your professional background?

I graduated from T U Dublin then studied co-housing in Copenhagen as a post graduate. I work as an architect and sit on many advisory panels to do with built environment.

Tell me about yourself away from work?

I am an artist and glass designer so I make fused glass art works which I put up on my Instagram @AngelaBradyOBE I also promote Irish master crafts people and make videos and arrange an annual craft show. See and video I made about west Cork Crafts people. I also present TV programmes the last being the RTE landmark show Designing Ireland currently on Amazon Prime in USA and Canada promoting Irish Design from Architecture craft to design thinking.

Tell us something very few people know about you?

Now that would be telling - One has to keep some secrets ;)

You are speaking at the forthcoming 2020 CIF Southern Construction Summit. What is the focus of your talk?

It about a book I out together about how can Cork seize the challenge of being a sustainable City. “The Cork Papers-sustainable city in the making” - Free on line

Also I will talk about a new project in West Cork called “Myross Wood House” - Climate Action Centre - which will be an exemplar centre of excellence for learning about how to implement sustainable design of your home, village or city and how to decarbonise in the West Cork Region. They could be in every Region in future.

What in your opinion are the key opportunities for growth and development in the southern region?

The Cork docklands - North Docks South Docks and Tivoli which brings a world class opportunity to help it thrive, as long as they make sustainable low carbon design a priority and bring in the whole county and Ireland too. It needs to be forward looking 21 Century. All areas need to work together to compliment each other and not in competition with each other.

How do you see the southern region changing over the next decade in terms of key infrastructure?

In order to change it must address the key issue of waste water in rural towns and villages - because it is a key impediment to development and regeneration.

It must improve fast speed WIFI to reach all rural areas particularly in the way we need to now work remotely. Then people can improve business - but without it - it is holding people and businesses back.

Angela will be speaking at the 2020 virtual Southern Construction Summit on November 19.

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