Start investing with DEGIRO and receive €1,000 in transaction credit

Starting today for a limited time only, new clients with online stockbroker DEGIRO will not only profit from incredibly low fees, but also get €1,000 in transaction credit.

23rd May, 2018
DEGIRO's in house developed, mobile trading platform

Irish investors have long paid some of the highest brokerage fees in Europe. This changed in the summer of 2015 with the entrance of DEGIRO into the Irish market. Since then, Irish investors were given the opportunity to trade with rates on average 95% lower than the market average. Now for a limited time only, investors can sign up for even greater benefits.

Investors that open and activate an account with DEGIRO between 18 April 2018 and 25 April 2018 will receive a €1,000 transaction credit to get started managing their portfolios. This transaction credit will come in the form of €10 per trading day for 100 trading days and can be used to trade any of the more than 2 million products available on DEGIRO’s platform.

Only with DEGIRO do you get so much with €1,000 in transaction credit.

For example:

Our mission at DEGIRO is to provide added value by developing affordable, custom-made

financial services for investors worldwide. With this promotion, we want to offer new investors the opportunity to start building their portfolio with no initial cost to them.

Read more and get started with your €1,000 transaction credit here.

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