Sponsored: The tech trends transforming the world of business

Sponsored: The tech trends transforming the world of business

Companies that are willing to engage with new tech trends and developments will always have the competitive edge

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15th December, 2020


We live in an age where technology is rapidly progressing with every single day. Furthermore, such emerging technologies are driving innovation and having a transformational effect across many industries.

From artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to agile transformation and expert technology partners, here are a few of the developments to watch out for and tech trends your business could be benefiting from.

A shift to new business models

A lot of disruptors have emerged in recent years and this will only continue. Even industry leaders have changed the way they operate and serve customers to adapt to the evolving landscape and stay competitive. While some organisations implement emerging technologies very quickly, others are still living in the old world. A shift in mindset and a willingness to embrace new, emerging technologies has become crucial in terms of moving forward and staying competitive.

Moving beyond digital and agile transformation

Digital transformation has progressed to agile transformation – a more flexible approach – and we are now moving beyond that. As well as AI and ML, other trends including cloud adoption have accelerated the pace of change in this area and brought new developments, like business continuity as a service, to the fore. Digital transformation has also moved beyond the IT industry, and is something that every business needs to be practising.

The technology partner is integral to innovation

What started as organisations consulting traditional service providers about digitalising their existing business processes is now companies engaging with technology partners on a long-term basis to utilise technology in a way that drives growth. Having a technology partner to uncover new solutions and identify ways of capitalising on the benefits offered by such technologies is an important step on the path to innovation, acceleration and expansion.

AI application in the real world

AI started out as an abstract concept, with many taking a research-based approach, but machine learning (ML) is making tremendous progress – not just incredibly precise algorithms, but models that can be applied to real-world problems and hardware solutions, such as edge computing, that are delivering real benefits for organisations.

The ability to respond to crisis

Companies need to be able to find new uses for the technologies they have. For example, as a result of Covid-19, tools have been applied in different ways to support remote working. There is also a whole new economy being created around virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems because every single one of us has become a digital nomad due to the pandemic. Finding ways to adapt has never been more important.

Remote will reign supreme

Virtual workers and entirely digital workforces will become more commonplace and much sooner than expected due to current circumstances. Not only is technology empowering people to effectively work from anywhere, automation and robotics have the potential to completely transform how some industries operate.

The business opportunities presented by these trends will depend upon the openness of organisations to engage with the technologies and invest time in their application. Similarly, having the right strategic technology partner to add value in the transformation journey will prove invaluable.

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