Sponsored: Sanity System central in Businesses Fight Against Virus

Sponsored: Sanity System central in Businesses Fight Against Virus

The tested and certified sanitising device has been proven to be over 99% effective against Covid-19

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17th January, 2021

Sanity System is a medical-grade, eco-friendly way to sanitise environments using ozone, a natural gas. The portable units carefully dispense measured levels of ozone, and their usage protocols are designed to eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses, yeasts, mould, fungi, spores airborne and on surfaces.

A recent study, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua in Italy, certified the Sanity System device as over 99 per cent effective against SARS-CoV-2 and as an effective weapon against Covid 19. Sanity System is licensed with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for the use of ozone-based sanitising solutions in Ireland.

David Byrne, managing director of Sanity Systems and Product Sales Ireland and UK Limited, said: “These research findings reinforce Sanity System’s position as a part of the solution and protocol measures in the fight against Covid 19. Sanity System is an established specialist company focused solely on sanitisation so the findings support its position as the number one sanitisation company in Italy, and now here also in Ireland. Effective sanitisation has a key role to play in controlling the spread of Covid-19 and providing a safe environment for employees and clients alike.”

Sanity System has partnerships with many leading companies globally and in Ireland, across the medical, healthcare, educational, hospitality, construction, transport and automotive sectors. It is also used by the government and emergency services. Its clients include the HSE, An Garda Síochana, the Revenue Commissioners, the PSNI, Dublin Airport Authority, Fingal County Council, Keeling’s, the Irish Prison Service, the National Ambulance Service, Care Choice Nursing Homes and the Aviva Stadium.

Mercury is a European contractor that builds and manages complex engineering projects that reimagine how people work and live in the built environment. The company delivers leading-edge construction solutions across a range of key sectors including Enterprise Data Centres, Advanced Technology & Life Sciences, Hyperscale Data Centres, Fire Protection, Technical Support Services (TSS), Data Centre Facility Management and Healthcare & Building Services.

Mercury, which employs more than 2,600 people across ten locations in Europe, invests heavily in training and education and ensures that the highest standards of health, safety and governance are applied throughout the organisation. It currently has a supply chain of more than 5,000 people currently delivering more than 30 projects across ten countries.

Alan Clinton, operations director at Mercury, said: “We needed to find a uniform solution across all of our different project sites. After extensive research of different products and solutions, we decided on Sanity System because of its reputation as the world’s leading ozone technology supplier.

“Using Sanity System’s solution has allowed us to effectively, safely and naturally sanitise our workspaces to ensure that we can continue to deliver projects as a general contractor across multiple locations in Europe while keeping them free of Covid-19. I would highly recommend this system to companies that are continuing to provide essential services throughout the pandemic”.

Sanity System is a plug-and-play treatment system that takes 45 minutes to work on a mid-sized room and less in a vehicle. Sanity System offer businesses an option of rental or purchase solutions:

SANY CAR: suitable for vehicles, buses and ambulances

SANY MED 80: suitable for small rooms to larger buses

SANY PLUS: suitable for medium and large environments

Sanity systems are available for rental or purchase vary between €99 and €199 per month. For further information, visit sanitysystem.ie, email [email protected] or call 01-6855152


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