Sponsored: How GSD’s contactless thermal screening helps firms stay safe

Irish company Global Security Devices offers businesses enhanced protection that can be rapidly deployed

24th January, 2021
Sponsored: How GSD’s contactless thermal screening helps firms stay safe
Peter O’Connor, chief executive, Global Security Devices (GSD).

Irish company Global Security Devices (GSD) has seen an escalation in demand for its contactless thermal screening technology as health facilities and businesses look to tackle the risk of highly infectious new strains of Covid-19.

Peter O’Connor, chief executive of GSD, says organisations are seeking proven solutions that offer an enhanced layer of protection for users and can be rapidly deployed.

“Hand-held thermometers require close physical contact, which may increase the risk of spreading infection, especially with the highly transmissible new strains,” says O’Connor.

“Our contactless temperature screening consoles remove the need for any contact by providing an automated reading when you stand in front of them. They’re also refined so much at this stage that they can be deployed on site in minutes. This is a major advantage to business, education and healthcare facilities right now.”

Automated temperature screening builds on GSD’s facial-recognition-based access control. Pedestals are placed at entrances and can store up to 20,000 people, are accurate to 0.3 degrees Celsius and are capable of detecting a person wearing a face mask.

When the GSD system detects a high temperature, it gives a visible and audible red alert, access to the facility can be denied and HSE guidelines take over.

After checking temperature, the system also triages users by asking a number of questions to check for other symptoms, which is unique to the GSD system.

Data privacy concerns

O’Connor says data privacy concerns have also spurred demand for its consoles which digitally store all records for easy access, eliminating the need for paper records.

“When it comes to data records, a lot of organisations and healthcare facilities are expressing concern about the risk of keeping manual records and the implications of a data breach. Our tech eliminates this, ensuring personal information is recorded digitally in a secure manner that is GDPR-compliant.”

Among GSD’s customers are the HSE, IDA Ireland, the Sports Surgery Clinic, the Department of Education, Hibernia Nursing Home Group, Thermo King and Bartra Healthcare.

Bartra Healthcare has three residential homes in the Dublin area. Tania Spelman, head of operations, said: “Global Security Devices were the first off the blocks. We were very happy with its GDPR compliance, which is very important for us, plus the efficient service provided. Basically, they understood our world and they have a good strategy for supporting us. It gives our residents and families a real sense of comfort.”

GSD has been designing and manufacturing access control and intruder alarm solutions since 2006, and turned its hand to thermal screening as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold.

It recognised the opportunity to expand its offering into temperature screening after it saw the effects Covid-19 was having on businesses in China, where it manufactures its plastics and enclosures.

“Our solutions support a safer, more confident return to buildings whether that’s a school, health facility, construction site or manufacturing plant.”

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