Sponsored: FinTech leader Fexco has answer to funding issues

Sponsored: FinTech leader Fexco has answer to funding issues

Fexco Asset Finance has remained solid in its ability to offer advice and solutions to its customers – and says it will continue to do so in the uncertain days ahead

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24th January, 2021

As the effects of the pandemic and Britain’s departure from the EU continue to have an impact on Irish businesses, many have needed to come up with financial solutions to immediate issues.

Of course, there are many options available from a wide range of institutions, but Fexco, a world leader in FinTech and payment and business solutions, with operations in 29 countries around the globe, has undoubtedly got a wealth of experience in this area.

Mike O’Halloran, chief executive of Fexco Asset Finance UC, says the company, whose head office is based in Killorglin, Co Kerry, could provide the answer to the funding issues facing a whole range of businesses.

“Fexco Asset Finance provides funding to SME, corporate customers and consumers in the Irish market,” he said.

“Established for over 30 years, the business has expanded rapidly since 2016 with an additional €70 million in funding provided by Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) which has enabled us to support SMEs in over 60 different sectors including construction, agricultural plant and machinery, coach and bus, medical and renewable energy.

“The asset classes covered are broadranging, but include traditional assets like vehicles, cars and vans.”

And the financial expert says there are different options available, which with specialist guidance can be adapted to suit the individual needs of any business.

“The two main finance options available to customers are hire purchase and leasing which enable the SME to acquire assets to help develop their business without the unwanted stress on cashflow,” he said.

“But we don’t overcomplicate our offering and always offer flexible repayment terms. And, ensuring that finance is easily understandable, easy to apply for and delivering quick responses to our customers is a key benefit of dealing with Fexco.”

He added: “We really want our customers to be able to focus on achieving their objectives rather than tying them up in red tape. So we believe Fexco is a good option for companies looking for financial solutions as it has been around for a long time and has four decades’ worth of experience in supporting Irish businesses, constantly creating new businesses and services in the market.

“We understand Irish businesses because we are the same as them and have also grown our business in both our home market and abroad. So we really do know how to support businesses to achieve their own ambitions.”

And although the current global crisis was an unforeseen event which has impacted businesses across every sector, O’Halloran says Fexco has remained solid in its ability to offer advice and solutions to its customers – and it will continue to do so in the uncertain days ahead.

“Naturally, the Covid pandemic has an impact on some SME sectors, most notably hospitality and tourism. However, we are here to support our customers and to ensure that we provide the best financial advice and assistance to enable them to overcome the current situation,” he said.

“Key to this support is the excellent personal relationship all the finance team have with their customers, they have a full knowledge and understanding of their customers’ businesses.

“So my advice to any company looking to take the first step, would be to get in touch with us. Call us at 1890 800 404 or you can fill in our contact form at fexcoasset finance.com and our experienced, customer-focused staff will respond quickly to discuss the best flexible financing solutions and ensure quick decision-making and processing of payments.”

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