Small brand with global reach

25th October, 2020
Small brand with global reach
Tim Houston, chief executive of Global Shares

The first year we won was in the fintech category, supported by Silicon Valley Bank,” said Tim Houston, chief executive of Global Shares.

That was in 2017, and Global Shares has been back each year since, ranking 44th overall in 2018 before jumping to 20th place last year.

Silicon Valley is a long way from west Cork, where Global Shares has its home base, but that is precisely the point.

“Winning involved going to Silicon Valley, and that was very helpful,” said Houston.

Global Shares’ continued growth means the company gains recognition from the Fast 50, something that staff appreciate. “We’re growing quite rapidly. We’re a small brand in a big world so we get a huge amount of marketing from it. Also, it’s recognition for the team, who are beavering away here in west Cork”.

Global Shares has won a number of awards, but Houston says the Fast 50’s focus on measuring growth is different – and this provides the impetus for ensuring the company puts itself forward each year.

“We’ve won numerous other awards, but the Fast 50 is unique, certainly in Ireland.

“People focus a lot on the bottom line here because of funding. It’s really important that we have a mindset change [toward growth] in Ireland,” he said.

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