Secure networking in a ‘work from anywhere’ world

Secure networking in a ‘work from anywhere’ world

Iricent’s Managed SD-WAN and SASE services allow companies to reap big benefits while drastically reducing commercial and technical risks

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10th April, 2021

The digital transformation and the repositioning of applications to the cloud, accelerated by pandemic-driven remote working, have generated network and security challenges for enterprises.

Changes in user behaviour and network traffic patterns have resulted in the inversion of network access requirements with more users, devices, applications, services and data now located outside the enterprise than inside.

Legacy networking and security architectures were not designed to cater for these changes. As a result, the network and related security has become a hot topic, with many enterprises actively looking at their security infrastructure and asking whether it is fit for purpose in a world where users anywhere are accessing services everywhere.

Furthermore, due to the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, enterprises are facing mounting pressure to disclose the risks they face from cyber threats. There are also calls for regulatory authorities to mandate cybersecurity risk assessments and substantial fines for failures to prevent cyberattacks. Consequently, senior management and boards are taking a much more proactive approach to cyber risk management.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) has emerged as the go-to solution for re-architecting the enterprise network and facilitating digital transformation objectives such as cloud migration. It also provides the required foundation for implementing Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN, provided and supported as a Managed Service by Iricent delivers improved user experience and simplified operations. Self-healing WAN capabilities, advanced routing, natively integrated next-generation firewall, and centralized orchestration accelerate digital transformation at scale. When combined with Fortinet’s fully integrated SASE offering, the portfolio provides the broadest range of security-driven networking solutions on the market.

By enabling organisations to outsource the design, deployment and operation of their network under an SLA, typically for a monthly fee, Iricent’s Managed SD-WAN and SASE services allows those organisations to experience the benefits of SD-WAN and SASE whilst minimising the commercial and technical risks.

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