Providing a flexible and Covid-free environment for office workers

Providing a flexible and Covid-free environment for office workers

Iconic Offices has been collaborating with its members to create a safe environment that is accessible to all its members

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3rd July, 2021

Returning to the office with familiar colleagues is daunting enough without adding other companies or individuals into the mix. This is the overall challenge that Iconic Offices, Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, has encountered since the pandemic began.

Unsurprisingly, the company has experienced a dip in attendance to its workspaces and decided to invest in Covid-proofing all its spaces to help ease the pain of returning to the office.

As an Irish SME, Iconic understands the challenges businesses face and is continuously evolving its solutions to solve business problems both it and its clients have experienced; this includes living and working with Covid.

Iconic Offices has been collaborating with its members to create a safe environment that is accessible to all its members. In the past year and a half, Iconic Offices has identified the main concerns of its members and invested in transforming its spaces to keep everyone safe while still allowing for the flexibility that makes its packages so attractive.

Iconic Offices is aware that the industry of flexible workspaces is disposed to certain judgments. Flexible workspaces aren’t just plain rows or desks packed tightly together. They also aren’t just for start-ups or small companies; Iconic Offices caters for all sizes and industries, including technology, aviation, and pharmaceuticals.

Currently, the biggest issue decision-makers are facing with returning to work is investing in safety measures and balancing employee concerns with business function. Signage, sanitisation and office layout restructuring all come at the cost of hosting the entire workforce without risk. This can be expensive and even unfeasible for smaller offices.

A benefit of a flexible workspace such as Iconic Offices’ is that the Covid-proofing is already completely done. All of Iconic Offices’ buildings are equipped with signage, temperature readers, increased ventilation wherever possible, and sanitisation stations. Iconic Offices has also installed socially distanced desks equipped with plexi-glass to ensure everyone is working within a safer environment.

Joe McGinley, chief executive of Iconic Offices, spoke about the safety measures the company has put in place. “Our main aim when returning to the workspace is to make sure all of our employees and members feel safe,” he said.

“We have introduced a 15-point plan which includes 15 new initiatives which we have implemented at each of our buildings to provide a safer working environment. For members returning to an Iconic Offices building, they can rest assured that we have put in as many necessary steps as possible to help ensure their safety.”

The pandemic has affected many industries worldwide, with flexible workspaces being one of them. While the pandemic was at its peak, Iconic’s contracted occupancy declined, but fortunately things are already looking up with occupancy back on the rise.

“One thing I’m certain of is the future of work is in flexible working and hybrid models. We have already seen a surge in demand and it’s only going to continue,” McGinley said.

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