Tuesday October 20, 2020

Phoenix Talent Talks Podcast – Episode 5: Recover and Rebuild

The Business Post’s Elaine O'Regan is joined by Ed Rossiter, Fonder and Managing Partner at Phoenix and a panel of experts to discuss next steps for Covid-hit Irish companies

25th September, 2020
In episode 5 of the Phoenix Talent Talks podcast our panel of experts discuss

In Recover & Rebuild, the fifth episode in the Phoenix Talent Talks podcast series, in partnership with The Business Post, Elaine O’Regan talks to Phoenix founder Ed Rossiter, Anne O'Dwyer at Duff & Phelps and Tom Early at Enterprise Ireland, about the next steps for Covid-hit Irish companies.

Talent Talks is a commercial podcast sponsored by Phoenix.

Also available here: www.phoenixrecruitment.ie

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